A much misused, abused, sometimes maligned word and concept.

Recovery is about getting on with life despite mental distress, in our past, present or possible future.

“At Seed of Hope we believe it is possible to live life with hope and aspiration, with experience of mental distress. “

In this video Pat Deegan, a leading international expert on Recovery, talks about Recovery. At time reference 2.50 she says-

You can’t organise a Recovery around a vacuum…

We need to organise our recovery around something. Something that has meaning, Something that has purpose, something that gives us a sense that we can begin to move

We want SoH to be that something for those experiencing mental distress in Somerset.


Recovery is not a gift from clinicians, but the responsibility of us all. We must become confident in our own ability to change our lives, we must give up being reliant on others doing everything for us. We must have the confidence to give up being ill so that we can start being recovered.
Ron Coleman



2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Reblogged this on Mentally Wealthy and commented:
    Have felt for a long time that ‘recovery’ in mental health was hijacked by Government with the sole purpose of getting people affected by mental ill health back into work – and lost the essence of what individuals wanted to ‘recover’ to, not everyone wanted to return to the life they had before they became unwell and ‘recovery’, to me, means finding yourself in a position where you feel able to a mange something you couldn’t before you were unwell.

    For many ‘recovery’ can simply be being able to walk to the shop and buy some groceries, or pop to a cafe and enjoy a cuppa. For others it can be the achievement of building a new future and recovering from what they felt contributed to their mental ill health.

    Wholeheartedly support the concept of taking back the word from the corporate decision makers and handing it back to those who are recovering and know themselves what truly works for them!

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    1. Sadly the hijacking hasn’t just been by government and NHS/LA many other bodies who exist for the benefit of people who use the services, and should know better, jumped on that bandwagon.

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